Tkalčićeva residential building

About This Project

The residential complex is situated close to the historic center of Zagreb, in the picturesque Tkalčićeva Street. It consists of a basement where the cars and equipment rooms are placed, a ground floor dedicated to commercial activities, a first floor with offices, and a residential second, third and fourth floor.

The project tries to respond in the best way to the indications of the tender announcement. The major commitment was certainly spent to try to create an organism that, without detracting from functionality and aesthetics, was able to offer the maximum degree of flexibility of space and future use. To obtain a free, and therefore flexible, plant, a careful study of the structural mesh and the location of the caves was carried out. Another key point was the desire to fully respect the customer’s need to have a building perfectly divisible into two distinct properties. Attention was also paid to the design of the facades so that they appeared accurate and elegant, appropriate to the exclusivity of the context. The openings have been inserted in such a way as to emphasize, through their different widths, their heights from floor to ceiling and their misalignments, the modern character of the intervention. Their placement and their step, only apparently “casual”, was also chosen to give the project the maximum degree of elasticity of use. In order to optimize and maximize both the commercial spaces on the ground floor and their spaces in the basement, it was decided, after not a few reflections, to use a semi-automatic parking system capable of accommodating only three parking spaces, at a reasonable cost, as many as 8 cars. The dematerialization of the ground floor and the attic, through the use of windows, dark colors and setbacks, has mitigated the strong impact given by the considerable height of the building as well as enhancing the overlying compact, solid and monolithic mass, in turn accentuated by the use of the brick covering.


Zagreb (HR)






Danijela Milolović, architect


January 2019

architecture, residential building
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