About This Project

The intervention aims to mend the relationship between the city and the historic park to this day, interrupted and denied at this point. A flexible and permeable space able to act as a new attractive pole capable of favoring, facilitating, encouraging and therefore welcoming events and moments of encounter. A small space for aggregation and socialization that does not compete with the nearby historic center or the adjacent park, but rather completes and enhances its attractiveness. A filter area capable of mediating the city-park relationship by becoming the arbiter of a mutual interpenetration. A space able to make perceive the city, and the path towards it, already from the park and at the same time to portend the presence of the green space already along the Jurja Habdelića road that runs along the historic baroque palace Zakmardy. The space was not conceived as a real “square” but, rather, as a polyvalent urban space expanding and completing the adjacent Šetaliste Vatroslava Jagića. An area that manages to mediate between green space and built space, a paved space to be crossed or where to stop, a welcoming and pleasant space that unites a fragmented area into a homogeneous and coherent unicum.


Varaždin (HR)


Municipality of Varaždin




May , 2016

Urban design
competition, restoration, urban design
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