About This Project

The new multipurpose centre of the Dalmatian town of Pakoštane will rise by the sea and in the close proximity to the attractive historic centre and marina. The area subject of intervention has a surface area of 6353 sqm and it is commonly known as “jaz”, i.e. bay.

The project aims to create a large area, representative for the town. An intervention functioning for the needs of the local community, but at the same time able to amplify the attractive image of the town for touristic purposes. A solution intended to valorize, though in the modern way, the “Mediterranean character” of the place and its historic relationship with the Adriatic sea.

The project can be schematized and divided in 4 different “areas”:

a) underground garage; b) buildings above ground; c) Riva-square; d) garden-park. Point b) can be again divided in other 4 “areas”: b1) multifunctional centre; b2) touristic-commercial area; b3) market; b4) toilets.

The most significant points of the project are certainly the large central square and the multipurpose centre. The square was designed as a wide flexible space functional to many different uses. A morphological configuration free of barriers, with no differences in altitude, in fact offers a high degree of fruition for staging of sports events, shows, exhibitions, concerts, markets, fairs etc. The multipurpose centre represents the very heart of the intervention. It consists primarily of a large multifunction hall, able to accommodate up to 200 people, a hall, a large patio conceived as a outdoor multifunction room, hosting up to 200 people, an area for offices and a warehouse. A building, attentive to the needs of all ages and perfectly integrated within the urban-environmental context, is designed to facilitate meetings, make social relations easier and encourage cultural events.


Pakoštane (HR)


Municipality of Pakoštane


Conceptual design / Design development


May, 2015

Architecture, Urban design
architecture, urban design
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