About This Project

While thinking about the building the choice fell on working with a modern architecture that would be at the same time archetypal and monolithic, simple in its form and sober in appearance, with a strong and almost timeless feature. The building is configured in an approximately ā€œUā€ formed shape as if it was a kind of open patio. This emphasizes on the one hand, the character of the community of the future guests and on the other enhances and emphasizes the interaction with the existing forest. The compact shape of the building allows a rational use of the site and the reduction of heat loss. Predominant intent was to create spaces and environments as similar as possible to the everyday homely atmosphere and to avoid aseptic environments of health facilities. The project aims to establish an open, bright, transparent and flexible environment absorbed by surrounding nature. A comfortable space, characterized by a careful study of colors, materials and openings, where all the rooms would be designed according to the possible difficulties of the elderly. From the constructive point of view the design choice was set on a very regular and simple mesh of concrete reinforced structures easy to build and on the choice of materials never too expensive.


Zagreb (HR)


ING-GRAD d.o.o.




September 10, 2014

architecture, sanitary
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