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Theme and goal is to research using a holistic approach, given the complexity of the problem, a new settlement model for the Mediterranean, based on participation, cooperation and socialization; rational and sustainable use of resources and the local culture and tradition. The criterion is to foster an inclusive model of urban society in which every single person is made a sharer and responsible for all activities related to living together starting from the simple management of the common areas, the expansion of the single house up to more complex management of energy and environmental resources. The location taken as an example for the study is a large portion of the southern suburbs of Zadar. The project is composed of several complementary levels and across multiple aspects from architecture, agriculture, budget, up to the environmental and social issues, all this starting with the concept of home and family after expanded to the city and society . It discusses topics such as agricultural and energy selfproduction, the cooperative, the phenomenon of illegal construction and selfconstruction, standardization, modular and flexibile building, techniques and materials of construction, environmental and social traditions, the patio type building, green building, passive house, renewable energy sources and so on. The research does not neglect the aspects of living in a comfortable, modern and aesthetically pleasing ambient despite the momentum toward the inevitable reduction of waste particularly those of the energy-environment type. The investigation is still ongoing.


Zadar (HR)




May 11, 2013

Architecture, Urban design
architecture, sustainable architecture, urban design
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