Historic center of Bibinje

About This Project

The client’s request was to seek ideas and solutions for the improvements and adjustments of the historic city center through public interventions as well as by normalizing the individual private actions.

A few simple lighting solutions make the night lighting attractive and functional.



The project is developed from a careful analysis of the area and offers the continuity, such as the protection of all environmental and social characteristics, and recovery, as a means by which to bring out and enhance the true identity of the socio-historical reality.
The redevelopment is based on a strategic vision for the area (even outside of municipal boundaries), on an overall vision that goes beyond just the architectural aspects. For this reason, the project consists of more complementary levels which together aim to stimulate and promote social and economic development of the historical area which then acts as a driving force for the entire village.
In addition, the proposal seeks to restore order and unity to a fragmented and degraded urban fabric now. The proposed measures, such as flooring, recovery of facades, lighting, street furniture, public parks etc.., were particularly sensitive to the peculiar environment trying to respect as much as possible Dalmatians local architectural traditions and the nature of this small ancient town.


Bibinje - Zadar (HR)


Municipality of Bibinje


Conceptual design


May 04, 2014

Urban design
restoration, urban design
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