About This Project

The study and the project ideas have been developed at the initiative of the Department of Regional Planning. The work develops starting from previous analyses and studies on Bačići and more generally on the area of Ravni Kotari. The project aims at the preservation, reconstruction and improvement of the small agricultural village. Bačići, about 45 km from Zadar, is now under the administration of the town of Benkovac. The village is an interesting example for the study and observation of particular types and construction techniques of the historical area of Bukovica and Ravni Kotari. The reconstruction and revitalization is moved by mainly one priority, that stands above any other requirement, of the strict conservation and protection: preservation of the town spatial organization, of its dimension features, materials, colors, patinas (sign of passage of time) and of housing types. The project also researches and provides a range of possible future scenarios through which the village should return to live without its “genius loci” being distorted. The work was carried out as not only closely related to the specific case of Bačići but as a kind of prototype, experimental model to emulate, or simply to draw upon and develop some concepts or guidelines, for other similar interventions.


Bačići – Lisičić – Benkovac - Zadar (HR)


Zadar County


Research, Design development


Nives Kozulić, d.i.a. - Director of the Department of Regional Planning - Zadar County / Stjepan Gverić, prof. geog.


August, 2015

Urban design
architecture, conservation, hospitality, research, restoration, urban design
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