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  • gradska loza 03 04 2013
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  • gradska loza 03 04 2013
izlozba radovi arhitekti
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Gradska Loža of the town of Zadar from April 3 to April 10, 2013 will host the exhibition “Zeleno the Plavo” (Green and Blue) organized by prof. Igor Gluić.

The exhibition in his “green sector” will present the results of research around the theme of a new settlement model for the Mediterranean, based on participation, cooperation and socialization, rational and sustainable use of resources, the local culture and tradition. The research titled

The mediterranean domus; a model of urban development for Zadar

is composed of several complementary levels and of multiple aspects from architecture, agriculture, budget, up to the environmental and social issues, all this starting with the concept of home and family after expanded to the city and society. Opening speech will be held by arch. Nikola Bašić and by president of the Architects of Zadar arch. Darko Franceschi.

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